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Amendment to the Agreement signed between the WHO and the International Agency of Atomic Energy Εκτύπωση Αποστολή με e-mail
Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Watch , Τρίτη, 20 Μάρτιος 2007

Amendment to the Agreement signed between the World Health Organisation and the International Agency of Atomic Energy, 28th May 1959.


Mm Margaret Chan, Director General of the W.H.O. Avenue Appia, Geneva
Mr Dimitrios Avramopoulos, Minister of Health of Greece

Madam, Director General,
Sir, Minister of Health
Ladies and Gentlemen, delegates of the World Health Assembly.

The undersigned Mediterranean Anti Nuclear Watch, requests that the revision of the Agreement W.H.O. / IAAE ( Res. WHA 12.40, of 28 May 1959 ) should be in place at the next World Health Summit.

48 years ago, at the outset of the programme 'Atoms for Peace' the World Health Assembly made an Agreement with the International Agency for Atomic Energy. Later, since the Chernobyl disaster, it is evident that this agreement has prevented medical experts and above all, the W.H.O. from speaking out loudly and clearly concerning the medical consequences both short and long term of this global catastrophe, gives that this would have harmed the vital interests of the I.A.A.E. .

1. According to Article 1§2., 'The W.H.O. is aware that the principal task of the I.A.A.E. is to encourage, assist and co-ordinate research projects worldwide and the practical use of atomic energy with peaceable conclusions...' Article 1 § 3. foresees that 'each time either party suggests the undertaking of a programme or activity which affords or could afford a major interest for the other party, the first consults the second with a view to a common settlement'.

Article 1 should be amended by shortening this sentence as follows: 'The first party will inform the other'. ( full stop) In effect, if an exchange of information between two United Nations' Agencies is perfectly correct, the consultations between the W.H.O. and the I.A.A.E. with regard to altering the facts in the interest of promoting nuclear energy are certainly not.

2. According to article 3, 'The W.H.O. and the I.A.A.E. realise that they might have to take certain restrictive measures to safeguard the nature of certain documents… the disclosure of which ... would somehow jeopardize the smooth running of their operations'.

Article 3 must be withdrawn. In fact, it is unacceptable that the W.H.O. accepts the confidentiality of this data which would hamper the smooth running of the I.A.A.E. .Besides, this clause is in contravention of the W.H.O. Constitution, which reminds us that all information of public opinions one of the conditions essential to achieve ' Health for All Mankind'.

3. According to Article 7, 'The I.A.A.E. and the W.H.O. are committed to avoid a double role when collecting, assembling and publishing the statistics and to confer with one another in order to make the best use of information, resources and technical personnel in the statistics department, including all statistics which have a bearing on a common interest.'

Article 7 must be withdrawn. In face the W.H.O. one of who's constitutional function is to 'act as a leading authority and co-ordinator in domain of health ' must henceforth regain it's independence from the I.A.A.E. in the field of research and publications, the Agency which must lose the prerogatives which it has been awarded for 48 years in the medical domain. The W.H.O. must regain total independence with regard to commercial nuclear power, in order to assure the protection of mankind.

We would like you to request that at the next World Health Assembly, in May 2007 in Geneva, the revision of the Agreement W.H.O. / I.A.A.E. becomes part of the agenda, in accordance with the rules and that the presentation and adoption of the three amendments, above mentioned is put in place or that the Agreement should be denounced as is provisioned in Article 12. We consider that the catastrophe of Chernobyl has been such an enormous disaster for millions of people inhabiting this planet that it is now high time that the true facts and their consequences are brought to light, and that effective and long term aid can be set up for all people affected.


President of the Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Watch
85100 Rhodes Greece

Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Watch
TEE/Tm. Dodekanisou, 4, Mitropoleos Str.
Rhodes, P.C. 85100, Greece
Info. (0030)6936656947, FAX: (0030) 2241022462
URL: http://www.manw.org - E-mail: info@manw.org

ecocrete.gr .

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